The ultra-compact 3D sensor offers great flexibility, a high measuring speed and impressive performance.


With the ZEISS COMET LƎD 2, you’re using the latest sensor technology and project-orientated software for simple and reliable 3D data capture.
Map the 3D data of your components quickly and accurately and gain increased scope for a multitude of measuring tasks thanks to the unique flexibility of the system.
The high-performance software platform colin3D ensures a consistently efficient and projectoriented procedure during the entire measuring process.

Achieve optimal measurement results quickly and easily

In just a few simple steps and without any lengthy preparation, the ZEISS COMET LƎD 2 sensor is ready for use - enabling you to concentrate on measuring.
This comprehensive solution uses the latest sensor technology and the project-oriented software colin3D for data capture and data processing. It affords you a high level of efficiency in operating sequences and generates high-quality measurement data. Thanks to the minimal working distance, it is possible to work in cramped conditions without any difficulty.

Designed for mobile and flexible use

Do you value flexible application possibilities? The innovative sensor system is extremely compact and light, meaning you can transport it to different application sites without any difficulty. Simple on-site calibration ensures that you can quickly change the measuring field by swapping the lenses. It’s fast and easy, and soon the system is ready for the next measuring task.

High precision for demanding applications

The ZEISS COMET LƎD 2 delivers excellent data quality and highly accurate measuring results, making the system the ideal solution for demanding applications in quality inspection. With the colin3D software, you’ll generate easy false color comparisons for individual analysis as well as reports for documenting measuring results.

Innovative technology

With the high light intensity and fast camera on the ZEISS COMET LƎD 2 sensor, you have the flexibility you need when using it at different sites.
The system delivers precise 3D data and automatically recognizes changes in vibration and exposure, even in difficult ambient conditions - high-end technology for exceptional data quality with maximum ease of use.
Moreover, the enormous light yield and the sensationally high measuring speed ensure reliable data capture on different object surfaces.



A vast range of applications

  • Quality control / inspection
  • Mold and model making
  • Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Archaeology, documentation of art-historical objects, etc.



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