Seria Idea

Nu porniti doar o imprimanta 3D - reinviati o idee de motor. Sistemele Stratasys Seria Idea se potrivesc perfect pe desktop si chiar mai bine in bugetul dumneavoastra.

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Seria Design

Stratasys Design Series 3D Printers dramatically tighten design and development cycles, improve communication and collaboration, and resolve issues between design and engineering. They speed products to market and reduce costly mistakes - all while keeping your intellectual property onsite. Very soon, you’ll wonder, "Why weren’t we doing this before?"

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Seria F123

The new Stratasys F123 Series is easy to operate and maintain for all levels of experience. And, it's adept at every prototyping stage, from concept verification to design validation to functional performance.

The most commonly used CAD file formats can be imported directly into GrabCAD. The three printers in the platform, the Stratasys F170, F270 and Stratasys F370, support a broad range of capabilities and budgets for every stage of prototyping.

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Seria Productie

Imagine production without the oppressive costs and time requirements of tooling. Make changes quickly and affordably - at any stage in the production cycle. Create low–volume assembly fixtures and jigs directly from CAD data.

Direct digital manufacturing is where the world is going, and nothing will get you there faster than the truly transformative 3D production systems from Stratasys.

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Seria Dental

Because Stratasys believes the future of dentistry is digital, we’ve designed a 3D printing solution for almost every dental need. So whether you run a small dental or orthodontic practice, or the largest lab, you can reap the benefits of greater capacity, faster turnaround, smoother workflow, and happier customers and patients.

Gain throughput and enhance profit by embracing digital dentistry.

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Finisare Touch Smoothing Station

Streamline your finishing process. The Finishing Touch Smoothing Station polishes Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) parts to near injection-molded quality with minimal operator intervention.

This automated finishing system works on parts from any material in the ABS family of FDM thermoplastics, including ABSi, ABS-M30, ABS-M30i and ABSplus. More custom 3D parts are possible.

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